Toward Coming Ages
Achieving Sustainability Compatible Goals


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Efficient train intercom systems

We are to offer on-board intercom system to ensure safe operation of the railway.
With the state-of the-art technology, we have been developing innovative intercom systems.

YAWATA's competitive edge

Yawata's R&D answers the challenge of the age. That brought us today's position, as a communications products manufacturer to sustain safe operation of the railway.
To achieve the goals, such as "Safe and Reliable", "Agility" and "Comfortability", we make ever-lasting efforts toward the best one in design and development of the products, offering also full-fledged service operation.

SDG's-led corporative activities

We are contributing to the railway safety and develop the products that are barrier-free complied and environment-friendly to deliver safety and reliability for all customers.
We will catch the needs of the time and contribute to the achievement of "the sustainable society".

Yawata Electric Industrial Co., LTD supports
the Sustainable Development Goals (SDG's).

System introduction

A Reliable and Proven Product Lineup

Our asset is the trust that our users place in us.
Based on this trust, we must further evolve the know-how we have gained from the design and development of various broadcasting systems and information and communications system.
Yawata Electric Industrial Co., Ltd. is a company that will leverage its track record to exploit rapidly advancing information and communications technology to the maximum possible extent, and contribute to delivering even higher levels of securing relief and safety in the changing railway sector.


Developing Human Resources
for the Ages to Come

We are keenly taking advantage of the ever-progressing technology to contribute to the community over a time, trying to be always a unique and friendly company.
We are actively enhancing the growth of staff in younger generation as well as technology expertise to pursue “Reliability, Safety and Comfortability” to every day life through our cutting-edge lines.