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Demonstrating our Technological Strength in a Tough Environment

Yawata's technological strength is its lifeblood. By stealing a march on other companies in the development and mass production of highly reliable in-train public-address systems and train radio systems, we have earned a good reputation among users, and this has enabled us to build a foundation for growth. IT technology is expected to advance further in the future. While passing on the technology we have accumulated to the next generation and developing it further, we will come out with products that meet the needs of the times, namely products that are kind to the environment and make the lives of the weaker members of society easier. To deliver the key words of safety, peace of mind, speed, and comfort, our team of young and energetic staff work day and night on design and development. In addition, as a member of society that is involved in the railway industry, a mode of transport that is kind to the planet, we will continue to work to protect the environment.

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