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We began life in 1951 as a manufacturer of communications system such as in-train public-address systems and train radio systems. Ever since then, we have kept pace with advances in electronic technology, adopted technologies such as microwave and digital transmission technology at an early stage, and focused on developing and manufacturing products, particularly for the railway sector, that meet the needs of the times.

Conditions in the transport industry in which we operate continue to change day by day. In particular, railways, which transport large numbers of people simultaneously, are being increasingly called upon to deliver not just safety and peace of mind, but also speed and comfort.

In addition, top priority has recently begun to be placed on harmony with the environment, i.e. on ensuring that railways are a mode of transport that is kind to the planet. As a result, technology is required that can get more people to their destinations more safely, more quickly, more comfortably, and with minimal impact on the environment.

To meet these expectations, we are continuing to hone our technology, working on a daily basis to develop not just in-train public-address systems and train radio systems but also environmentally-friendly products and barrier-free products, and aiming to play a leading role in the harmony-with-the-environment-focused 21st century.

To enable us to respond nimbly to the needs of customers going forward, all our employees will continue to have a spirit of challenge, work to develop our business, and contribute to society.

We therefore ask for your continued advice and encouragement.

Mitsuo Iida, Representative Director and President
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