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Foundation 1951-1957

1951 Founded at 4 Sakuragawa-cho, Shiba-Nishikubo, Minato-ku, Tokyo on November 26
Developed an optical display system for announcing the departure of trains at Tobu Asakusa Station
Developed an automatic voltage regulator for troops stationed in Japan
1952 Applied for a patent for the A distributed system, the basis for our in-train public-address system  
1953 Began supplying in-train public-address system for Odakyu Electric Railway, Keihin Electric Express Railway, Tobu Railway, Seibu Railway and Kintetsu Corporation  
1957 Japanese National Railways (JNR) certifies our product as an in-train public-address system standard
Developed a vacuum-tube-based in-train public-address system for the Japanese National Railways Moha 90 Series
Developed a melody-type electronic warning system for Odakyu Electric Railway SE trains
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